Airbnb Advice,

23rd August 2021

What are the basic requirements for Airbnb hosts?

We’ve talked a lot about Airbnb properties on this blog, but what about the host’s responsibilities? If you’re a first-time host or even an established host, this article is for you! These tips are a great way to ensure you are giving your guests the best Airbnb experience possible. This article includes tips from Airbnb but also additional information on how to best manage your hosting duties!

Communication is key

As a host, you should respond to all booking enquiries, reservation requests, and questions within 24 hours. Even if a guest/potential guest asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, you should always respond within 24 hours to let them know you’ll find out the answer and message them back. Then this gives you another 24 hours to find the answer and message them back! As for messages, Host Tools suggests you send the following messages to each guest: 

  1. Booking confirmation message
  2. Pre-check-in message
  3. Check-in message 
  4. Check-up message
  5. Check-out message
  6. Post-check-out message
  7. Review reminder message
  8. Price reduction message for longer stays in the property

You can even create message templates for different common messages sent, to save on time!

Accepting reservation requests

As a host, it is important you accept requests quickly so that guests feel their request is valued.

Avoid cancelling on guests

It is never a good look to cancel on guests, especially as this interferes with their well-thought-out holiday plans. Bookings should only be cancelled under extenuating circumstances. Airbnb describes these as follows:

  1. Changes to government travel requirements

2. Declared emergencies and epidemics

3. Government travel restrictions

4. Military actions and other hostilities

5. Natural disasters

Nothing else is covered for cancellations! It also isn’t a good idea to cancel for any reason other than described above, as it can affect your chances of being an Airbnb Superhost in the future.

Maintaining a high rating

Guests are more likely to book an Airbnb space with a higher rating. This is because other people’s good reviews mean potential guests are more likely to trust they will have a good holiday on your property.

Providing essential amenities and furnishings

Every Airbnb guest expects that a host will provide all the Airbnb essentials and furnishings that they will need to get through each day and enjoy their stay. These Airbnb essentials include:

  1. Kitchen cutlery, tableware, hand towels, and washing up equipment 
  2. Basic kitchen ingredients
  3. Oven, toaster, and jug
  4. Toilet paper
  5. Hand and body soap
  6. Basic toiletries
  7. One to two towels per guest (dependent on the length of the stay)
  8. One pillow per guest, bedding, linen, and additional blankets
  9. Wifi

You can check out this previous Zodiak article for more clarification and also see more special amenities that can help snag you bookings.


So there you have it, some fantastic tips so you can be the best host you can possibly be! Being a great host will also help you get great guest reviews and means you are likely to have increased bookings too. You can also check out this article on ‘An Auckland Airbnb guide to being a better host.’ Happy hosting!