Airbnb Advice,

20th January 2020

The beginner’s guide to Airbnb amenities

There’s a lot to consider when you first list your Airbnb online, and amenities are one of those no-brainers that you need to supply. However, when talking about amenities, it’s not as simple as a checklist. Depending on who you want to stay, and your budget, you may want to ‘wow’ your guests. Therefore, I have created 3 profiles for different Airbnb Property Managers and included a list of amenities based on the experience they want to offer guests.

Basic Brenda:

Basic Branda just wants to know the basic amenities that every Airbnb host should supply to guests. Whether she is just starting out or doesn’t feel the need to invest extra time and money in her rental, she is happy with standard amenities:

Kitchen cutlery, tableware, handtowels and washing up equipment 

Basic kitchen ingredients

Salt, pepper, sugar, oil.

Oven, toaster, and jug

I mean it would be surprising if you didn’t own these.

Toilet paper

How much depends on the number of guests, but it’s always nice to be fully stocked, so guests don’t have to run out and get more.

Hand and body soap

This doesn’t need to be anything expensive. For hand soap consider liquid soap as it is more hygienic and less expensive.

Basic toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, you get the drill.

One towel per guest

Or two, depending on the stay, but one towel is fine for a couple of days.

One pillow per guest, bedding, linen, and additional blankets


You may not consider this as essential within your own home, but believe me, most people consider this a day-to-day essential. Therefore, you could be missing out on a whole market of people if this is excluded from your list.

Nice-touch Nellie:

Nice-touch Nellie wants to go above and beyond expectations. She is someone who may not have the biggest budget, but she wants her guests to have the best possible visit. These added amenities are also a sure-fire way to get great reviews because they make the user’s experience more enjoyable and are relatively inexpensive too. 

A house manual

This would include details about how to use things within the house, the wifi username and password, how to use the TV and access Netflix, your mobile number and emergency contact details, and if you want to be extra nice you could also put a map of the area, list of good places to eat and things to do.

Coffee, tea and basic snacks like biscuits

Although not essential, most people will expect these.

First aid-kit

It is important to be prepared because accidents do happen. 

A laptop-friendly workspace

This is especially important for business travellers, although some vacationers may also like to use their laptops daily.

A guest book

Where guests can share their experiences and leave favourable reviews.

A heater/fan 

A universal adapter

So foreigners can charge their phones if they have forgotten to purchase one themselves.

A hairdryer and/or straightener/curler

Depending on the person, these can be essential day-to-day items.


This item is very important to include if your property caters to mainly business clients. 

Coat hanger/hangers

Smoke alarm and fire extinguisher

You always want to ensure your guests are safe, and so this is one way of doing so.

A welcome gift upon arrival

This can be as simple as a little chocolate on each pillow or flowers in a vase. There’s no need to spend lots of money.

Toys and games

You could add some of your kids’ old toys and games to create a family-friendly experience that everyone, big and small, will appreciate.

Luxurious Luke

Luxurious Luke isn’t on a budget, and he isn’t afraid to show off a little. Depending on your place you may already own some of these or you may want to invest in a couple to make your user experience have the wow-factor. With these kinds of amenities, the challenge is for guests not to give you a 5-star rating!


Most people own Netflix and almost everybody uses it on a daily-weekly basis, so this is a nice touch.

A swimming pool

If you own one already then this will no doubt appeal to families and visitors from near and far.

Luxury toiletries

Expensive towels and bed linen 

Beautiful furniture

Free parking

Many people would appreciate not having to pay for parking and also being able to park nearby

A welcome basket full of goodies

If you want to treat your guests like royalty then you could splash out on some bubbles and chocolate. 

Fresh flowers

If you take trips to your residence between guests, and have lovely flowers growing in your garden, then why not pick some for some added pizazz.

Books and magazines 

Air conditioning

Depending on your house, air conditioning may be ideal to ensure guests have a pleasurable stay.

Washer & dryer

People always appreciate clean and dry clothes and these appliances are something most people already own.


In conclusion, this is just a rough idea of what amenities must be stocked and what could be stocked. However, there are infinite ways to ensure guests have the best possible stay. Depending on your budget and purpose for renting out your Airbnb, you may want to go above and beyond these essentials, or you may stick to this checklist. However, it would be worthwhile to exceed guest’s expectations, as this can lead to increased searches, bookings, better reviews, and all-round customer satisfaction. If you are worried about adding extra amenities in case guests steal or damage them, then you can always ask for a safeguard such as grabbing guests driver’s license details or having a fee that will be returned once you ensure no damages have occurred. Whatever way you want to stock your Airbnb is up to you, but remember the benefits of providing additional amenities next time you are out shopping for Airbnb supplies.

Written by Lauren Middleton