Airbnb Advice,

7th February 2020

How to entice more guests with a catchy Airbnb title:

According to many different studies, it only takes a couple of seconds for people to decide whether they are interested in an online advertisement or not. This is why it’s so important that you have a phenomenal Airbnb title in order to grab viewers attention and rake in those bookings. So how can you do this, I hear you ask?

Take up all the space

Airbnb titles have 50 characters available to use, and in terms of gripping guests with a title, less is not more. This additional information could be the reason between someone clicking on your property title, or switching to Minecraft. Things to include in this title would be a catchy name and examples of great features within your Airbnb property.

Abbreviations are an Airbnb property owner’s best friend

Abbreviations are a great way to save space for further description. For example, instead of using the word apartment, you could use the abbreviation APT.

Showcase your room’s best features

Do you have a pool or Netflix or and easy transport to the CBD?

It’s no surprise that people love these things so it would be foolish to not include them in your Airbnb title. If you are unsure what the best features of your Airbnb are then your reviews can provide some valuable insight.

Talk to your audience

If you don’t know who your Airbnb property is best suited to then you won’t be able to attract the right people to click on your link. Maybe your Airbnb property provides family-friendly fun or maybe it’s a business lover’s dream? These are two completely different Airbnbs that need to be titled very differently.

Another good thing to do in regards to the title is to keep changing it based on the season or events that are coming up. For example, if it is summer you could mention the pool, or if it’s winter you can mention a roaring fire. If a big event like America’s Cup is coming up make sure to include details like your property being a short walk to the viaduct.


Although cap locks may seem like a good idea to grab people’s attention online, this is not the case. Cap locks are the equivalent of shouting online, and although your friends may use this over messenger it is not seen as a very professional practice. Instead of cap locks, the words you use are a much better way to make your title stand out.

Use catchy words

The word nice may be something you use to describe your friend’s new partner but it is not the most exciting word to use for an Airbnb listing. Words like: luxurious, heavenly, secret hideaway, couple’s retreat, and oasis are more likely to attract guests than the all too common words: nice, beautiful, excellent, amazing and awesome.

Delete all irrelevant information

If something is not relevant, exclude it. For example, sites like Zodiak cater to Airbnb’s located in Auckland, so there is no point in including this in your title.

So now you know how to craft your Airbnb title so it stands out against all the others it’s your time to get creative! Just remember to keep in mind that it can be useful to change your title depending on the season, and upcoming events in your location. If you want more information on this topic, make sure to check out this article.