Airbnb Advice,

14th June 2021

Four reasons you should be an Airbnb owner

Do you have another property, spend lots of time on vacation, or have some extra money you want to invest in building a rental? You may be considering whether or not you should turn this into an Airbnb property. Here are four reasons why you should!

Airbnb properties are a passive source of income

Forget your typical 9-5 job! Being an Airbnb property owner is a fantastic way of making some extra income for things like starting up your own business, saving for a vacation, or home renovations. If you go on vacation often or own a second property, then why not make some extra money from your home/batch?

Your four biggest steps are to furnish your space to appeal to potential renters, make online profiles for your property on Airbnb platforms (which are free!), or you can sign up to an Airbnb management company (like ours) to manage this for you. Then you can watch your passive income roll in.

If you want to find out how much you could make, then you could check out Airbnb Calculator for a free estimate. Or you could even ask our team!

You make more money per week compared to long-term renting!

As an Airbnb host, you decide how much you want to charge renters! So, Airbnb properties are often able to charge more per week than a traditional long-term rental property. So, depending on how often your Airbnb property is rented out, you could make a fairly decent income. The popularity of your Airbnb property is dependent on many factors including where your property is located, and the quality of your home and assets (Make It, 2019).

According to The Balance, depending on where you are situated in the world, you could even make more money via Airbnb than with a long-term single tenant.

Share your home and culture with people from around the world!

As Airbnb says, having your own Airbnb property is a great way to meet new people, introduce them to your culture, and learn more about theirs (when the borders are open again). You can create wonderful connections and lifelong friends! It is also a great way to fill your empty home once your kids leave the nest.

You’re not alone

Airbnb has a helpful host community that provides 24/7 support to all hosts. They also have custom tools, insights, and education, to give you all the help you need to be a successful Airbnb owner! Airbnb management companies like ours are also always an email or phone call away for any of your Airbnb hosting inquiries, and we respond very quickly!


We may be biased, but we have seen so many success stories from our clients that we manage so we would definitely recommend making your property an Airbnb property if it’s not always in use! If you would rather leave your Airbnb management up to the professionals, then you can get in touch with our team for a quote here.

Or read more about our services here.