Zodiak Multiplier

18% + GST

The best property management product on the market. We turn your property into a hands-free investment and only charge you for the bookings received. Share in our success.

Zodiak Safety Net

18% + GST

We guarantee to cover your operating costs including Body Corporate rates, Council rates, electricity, and Wi-Fi every year. Guaranteed ROI.

Full Management of Your Investment

Our aim is to turn your property into a hands-free investment by offering the most comprehensive short-term rental management service available.

  • We create listings for your property on all major channels including Airbnb and Booking.com for free for maximum exposure. We also list your property on our own booking website so you can benefit from our returning guests.

  • Our vetting process means that we only accept requests from guests we know will treat your property with respect, minimizing the chances of damage.

  • We offer a personal check-in concierge as an optional service if you would prefer this to our usual method.

  • We inspect your property after every checkout so that we can charge the appropriate guest in case anything happens straight away.

  • We have secure check-in stations located in the CBD where guests can pick up the keys on their check-in date. Your keys will not be stored on the street or on buildings where they are vulnerable to theft.

  • The channel management software we use eliminates double-bookings and enables accurate monthly reporting for our clients. It also allows you to block off dates for your own personal use of the property.

  • Cleaning is taken care of by our professional cleaning staff, meaning your investment is well taken care of throughout the year.

  • We have committed to providing 24/7 customer support for your guests, and are always available for you if you have any questions or queries.

  • Our cleaners also restock amenities with hotel quality products so that every guest has what they need during their visit.

  • Zodiak also organises maintenance of your property on your behalf so you can rest assured that any issues are resolved as soon as they arise.

  • Zodiak’s laundry partner provides us with hotel quality linen and towels, ensuring your guests’ comfort.

  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the extra income with the new way to invest. We generate 60% - 100% more than regular long-term rental.

Our FAQs

We do not charge a setup fee. Instead, we offer a free consultation to assess your property and for us to have a chat in person. We only start earning when you start earning, and we are very passionate about meeting our clients’ needs and maintaining excellent relationships with all of our stakeholders. Your success is our success, so it is our mission to make you as successful as possible.

We charge the guest a cleaning fee per stay that covers the cost of cleaning, linen hire from our laundry partner, as well as restocking the property with eco-friendly amenities. The cleaning fee will depend on the size of the property and our cleaning manager would need to see the property in person in order to give an accurate quote. By charging the guest for the turnover costs, we are able to reduce your expenses going into this business.

All properties, from studios to three bedrooms, do great in the short-term rental market. The location of the property is very important for all-year success so that’s why we manage properties mainly in the central Auckland suburbs. The more central the property, the greater the nightly rates are. Furthermore, the more central properties do well even in low season as they appeal to business travellers as well as tourists. We also manage properties in other areas of Auckland so feel free to get in touch for us to assess your property for suitability.

We aim for an 85% occupancy rate for the entire year and this is very achievable. In high season, occupancy rates sky-rocket to above 90% as well so this more than makes up for the lower income received in the low season.

There are many benefits to renting your apartment on the short-term rental market besides the increased income:
By having the property constantly cleaned and inspected after every stay, your investment will be much better maintained and wear and tear will be greatly reduced. Any problems will be spotted and fixed before they become a major issue, and all of this will be taken care of for you by us.

Another benefit is that guests treat the property with much better care than a regular tenant usually does. This is because they want to maintain a good relationship with us (their hosts) as they are also looking for a great review from us.

Furthermore, the constant turnover of guests will mean that there is no such thing as a nightmare tenant that you’re locked into an agreement with for an extended period. Any guests not obeying the house rules set out in the guest manual can be asked to leave and fined for not following the rules.

Accommodation prices vary during the year. During the high season, (November through to the end of March), accommodation prices are generally very high and you can expect to easily be earning 60 – 100% more than usual rental rates. In low season (from April until the end of October), you can still expect to be making slightly more than usual rental rates after costs. Check out our Airbnb Calculator for an estimate or get in touch for a more accurate property assessment of your apartment.

We pride ourselves on being the only Airbnb management company in Auckland that manages SuperHost status Airbnb profiles. This is achieved by having 80% or more of our guest reviews rated as 5 stars, and by us responding to all guest inquiries within an hour. Furthermore, our commitment rate to guest reservations is 100% so we never cancel bookings. By listing your property on one of our Airbnb profiles, you immediately get a boost from our SuperHost status in terms of visibility on the website.

We are also the only Airbnb management company that provides all guests with a personal check-in option or free secure lockbox check-in, so this is how we maintain excellent reviews and keep our guests happy. We also have our own housekeeping team which allows us to achieve excellent cleaning quality. It is our aim to provide the best quality service possible as we understand the importance of receiving great reviews.

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