Airbnb Advice,

4th January 2021

Tips for Choosing Airbnb Furniture That Will Last

If you are an Airbnb host already, you will know that wear and tear often occurs faster in your short-term rental than it may happen in your own home. As a no-brainer, this is due to the increased amount of people coming and going as well as the fact that even the most well-behaved guests will likely be on holiday-mode. 

Very common wear and tear damages can include legs on furniture breaking as well as stains on materials such as seats and beds. For this reason, it is important to choose furniture that will have a reduced chance of these things happening.

Below you will see tips for choosing furniture that will last so that you won’t have to worry about replacing furniture as often. 


Finding stains on couches is very common as guests will often like to watch television while they eat. To make it easier to clean these stains you may want to consider a couch that has easy to wipe down material such as leather. Alternatively, you may want to choose a couch that has washable cushions so that you can easily soak them after the guest checks out. If neither of these are an option, then you might consider buying a cheap couch cover from which will protect your couch from stains and can easily be replaced if damaged. 

Dining chairs: 

Again with dining chairs, choosing the right material will help a lot with preventing stains. For your dining chairs, wood or plastic would make a much better option than dining chairs with fabric on them. Make sure to choose legs that are sturdy as many different people with varying weights will be using them often. 

Mattresses and pillows:

Always, ALWAYS make sure to cover your mattresses and pillows with a protector. Not only will this protect against stains but it will also save you from replacing them entirely if there is ever a case of bed bugs. To learn more about how to prevent bed bugs then read here.

Outdoor Furniture:

As outdoor furniture is often left exposed, it is even more important to pick durable long-lasting furniture. For long-lasting outdoor furniture, opt for woods higher in density, such as teak. They are easy to maintain as they resist water naturally therefore making them more durable. Teak will change colour over time because of the sun so you may want to provide shelter for them if possible. If you love metal furniture, look for powder-coated ones with UV-resistant finishes and rust-proof hardware for longevity.

By following the tips above, you will be able to choose longer-lasting options for the most expensive furnishing requirements in your Airbnb. This will save you also from having to charge guests for replacements which could easily have been avoided by selecting your Airbnb’s furnishings with longevity in mind.