Airbnb Advice,

14th January 2020

Pets at your Airbnb: pros and cons

Whether you’re a pet-lover or not, if you’re an Airbnb owner then you should be considering whether or not to allow pets to stay. There are plenty of reasons for and against allowing pets, but ultimately you decide what best suits your property. So let’s jump right in with the positives!


Less competition

It is common knowledge that less Airbnb properties cater to pets, and this is especially true for Auckland city! If you look around at the number of dog walkers walking in the street at any given moment, you’ll see that allowing pets could drum up some serious business. This also comes with its perks too.

Increased profit

Pet owners should, and usually expect, to pay more when they bring their pet to a rental. This means that you could end up with more money for the same or similar output. Many Airbnb joints that cater to pets will charge an additional fee, or have an increased security deposit. And with dog kennels costing as much as $45 a night, we’re sure plenty of pet owners would be interested in an Airbnb stay.

More occupants

When you allow pet owners and pets a place stay, this means that you will open yourself up to a whole new market! Because there is less competition, it also means that you can charge higher rates and expect those rates to be met with increased bookings. Ca-ching!


Because there are fewer Airbnbs that allow pets, this could lead to some serious puppy love! And by that, I mean a 5-star review. 



Many dogs are quiet and well behaved, but some dogs are prone to barking their heads off at the tiniest inkling, and this is sure to drive your neighbours crazy. Dogs also tend to bark more when they are bored, lonely, or cooped up, so this could be a serious issue depending on where your property is located.


Some especially naughty pets may enjoy clawing or chewing furniture, or even those $400 shoes from Venice that you accidentally left under your bed. This concern is also increased when dogs are anxious about being in a new place.


Sometimes dogs like to make the place their own. If you open up your property to dogs, it does mean you could encounter the occasional incident. Or if you’re unlucky, you may be faced with that one crazy dog that likes to poop everywhere. This means that you will need to be prepared and work out a place for dog owners to take their dogs when duty calls. It would also be a great idea to have a bucket of cleaning supplies that they can use, just in case!


Pet allergies are relatively common, and even after a thorough clean and vacuum, there could still be a stray hair or two left behind that could cause an allergic reaction. However, most people with pet allergies would probably not consider staying at your Airbnb if they knew pets were allowed and so this could drive away a market of people with pet allergies.

After weighing up this list of pros and cons, you should be able to make a well-informed decision that suits your lifestyle. However, if you do decide to allow pets to stay, it is important to work out rules and discuss them with the owners before the pets come to stay. In this way, you can avoid any potential mishaps and create a pet-friendly environment!