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Direct Comparison of my Apartment Before and After Airbnb

In this post, I will be taking you through my Airbnb property investment journey so far and we will assess how my Auckland CBD apartment performed with a regular tenancy and then as an Airbnb. Hopefully, I can answer a lot of your question about whether Airbnb is a viable investment strategy by...

19th October 2018

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Easy, peasy Airbnb cleaning!

No one loves cleaning. It’s a fact of life! So what are some ways you can cut down the time it...

19th July 2021

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How to become an Airbnb host

So, you have a batch or apartment that you want to rent out to Airbnb guests, but you don’t know...

5th July 2021

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A guide to Airbnb refunds

Ah, the time has come. Despite your hard work and best intentions, your guest has asked for a...

28th June 2021