Airbnb Advice,

6th September 2021

Make guests feel at home in your Airbnb space with these 4 tips

As an Airbnb host, you want your space to be as warm and welcoming as possible for your guests. This is your time to get creative, use some artistic flair, and let your personality shine through in your Airbnb design! A unique and inviting space will lead to increased bookings and great reviews!

So what are some ways you can make your guests feel at home at your property?

Express your personality

This Airbnb blog suggests you should add personalised touches to your Airbnb. Your guests will appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into this, and it’s sure to feel their experience feel more special and unique. For example, if you’re an enthusiastic traveller, decorate your space with mementos from your travels. These design elements don’t have to be complex or expensive, just something that gives your space some character!

Some other examples of this include:

  • Statement pieces like art, patterned pillow, or a cosy and warm blanket
  • Adding some greenery can really brighten up your guest’s day
  • Consider the colour palette, art, and textiles in your space. You can always contrast textures and remember that pops of colour never go amiss!
  • This Airbnb article also recommends stocking some shelves with your favourite books so your guests can fall in love too!
  • In the same article, they also mention adding an accent wall to your space in your favourite colour.

Experience your property like a guest

Airbnb says a great idea that will help you uncover any parts of your property that require improvement is to take a mini-vacation and experience your own property. Make sure to sleep in each bed, take a shower and use the towels, cook your meals, and try out any other experiences your property has to offer. But, if you don’t have time for this, you could always offer this option to your friends or family in exchange for feedback for your space. I’m sure your friends/family would be very happy and grateful for the opportunity!

Some things your guests should consider are the functionality of the space, the design, the convenience of your amenities/appliances, and if anything in the property is missing, or needs fixing.

Keep your property clean

As well as cleaning your property between every guest, Airbnb also says you should also consider what items you keep out for your guests. Having a tidy and considered space will make your space feel more open and welcoming for guests.

Provide instructions

Remember to include a house manual for your property that includes the wifi details, instructions on how to use certain appliances, your house rules, and information on what local activities/restaurants you would recommend to your guests. If you would like a guide on what to include in your house manual, check out this previous Zodiak article.


Also, once you have improved your space, make sure to update your Airbnb listing and listing photos! There’s not much point in making these changes to your property if you can’t show them off to potential guests (and hopefully get more bookings).

So, what improvement will be the first one you make to your Airbnb?