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7th November 2022

Everything You Need to Join Airbnb NZ

So, you want to join Airbnb New Zealand. Maybe you just want a new rental for your holiday. No
matter the reason why, you’re thinking of joining New Zealand’s largest short term rental market.
To make it even easier, here are a few notes on how to join Airbnb New Zealand. For the Kiwi
take on the largest alternative rental platform, here’s how you can make even your international
guests say, “Sweet as”.

Joining Airbnb

It’s easier now more than ever to join the world’s biggest alternative rental platform. Just start by
using one of the following:

? Your Facebook account
? Your Google account
? Your email address
? Your Apple ID

We all know that our social media accounts encrypt our information. While this does come with
some privacy drawbacks, when signing up for Airbnb, it makes the process a whole lot easier.
Simply logging into Airbnb with one of the aforementioned accounts will load all of your
information as a renter. No more tedious filling in online forms. Using your existing social
medias gets the job done for you.

Finding the Best Airbnbs

The main thing about Airbnb New Zealand is that it caters to every single need, from large
families looking for their next luxury holiday to the business owner on a work related trip. For
this reason, you need to start by narrowing down your demographic (the renters you want to
target) and thinking about what they’d want and need.

Finding the Best Price

Start by taking advantage of the price slider. Couples will find it easier to benefit from the price
range rather than a single person, as most rooms are the same price for two people. Choosing
a price range between $80 to $100 will ensure a relatively competitive asking price that won’t
break the bank.

Finding the Best Locations

You’ll want to select your location based on who your demographic is, sure. But select it quite
tightly, since some towns have little public transport available. If you’re a customer and own a
car, you should pick a host that offer parking spaces, especially in big cities like Auckland that
have an over $30 parking overnight price.

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