Airbnb Advice,

19th July 2021

Easy, peasy Airbnb cleaning!

No one loves cleaning. It’s a fact of life! So what are some ways you can cut down the time it takes to clean your Airbnb so you can spend more time on the fun stuff, like booking your next guest?

So first, let’s run through what makes a tidy Airbnb!

According to Guestready, a tidy Airbnb means:

  • Ventilating your space
  • Eliminating dust from every nook and cranny
  • Removing trash from all bins in the space
  • A clean kitchen, including no food left in the fridge and a clean microwave/toaster/coffee machine
  • Freshly cleaned bathrooms
  • No hair found anywhere but on your head!
  • Clean linen
  • A mop down of your tiles/wooden floor
  • Draining the bathroom
  • Cleaning metallic surfaces

So what are some ways you can save time on the pesky clean-up?

According to BNB Duck, you can use one cleaning product for all your surfaces rather than buying one for all the different spaces. You can even save money by buying an undiluted product and then mixing it yourself (or using a simple 1:1 vinegar/water solution for the bathroom surfaces, tiles, and faucets). This makes it so much easier to go around cleaning every surface rather than running back forward, hunting for particular cleaning products.

This site also suggests that a spray mop is a far more efficient way to get the mopping done because all you need to do is fill the detachable bottle with multipurpose cleaning liquid, and then you have all the mopping equipment at the touch of your fingers.

Airbnb believes that you should keep your personal items to a minimum in an Airbnb space. Not only does this mean there will be fewer items to tempt potential thieves, but also it means your Airbnb is much easier to clean because there is less clutter where dust and dirt can gather.

They also believe that the first thing you should do is load the washing machine because this can be running while you do the rest of the chores. This can save you some much-needed time at the end of the clean, rather than waiting around for your load to finish.

Airbnb Community suggests you work out the best order to complete the cleaning and then turn this into a laminated checklist that you tick off with a whiteboard marker as you complete each task.

Another couple of ideas people in the community had was to encourage your guests to remove shoes inside, so it’s easier to vacuum, only include basic kitchen essentials for easy cleaning, and have multiple sets of bedding so you can switch the bedding and clean the dirty load at a more convenient time.


I hope you find these tips useful when it comes to cleaning your Airbnb space in that tight turnaround between guests or just to save you some precious time that you would rather use elsewhere. Otherwise, if you would prefer, you can always hire a cleaner if it’s an aspect of Airbnb management that you really don’t enjoy.