Airbnb Advice,

6th December 2021

Choosing the style for your Airbnb property

According to News Airbnb, in 2018, there were 37,000 Airbnb listings across the whole of New Zealand. When it comes to making your Airbnb property stand out, design truly matters.

So how do you make your Airbnb property stand out from the crowd?

Decide on your ideal Airbnb guest

To begin, Learnbnb suggests you define your ideal Airbnb guest that you would like to book your property. You need to remember that you are designing your Airbnb property for them, not for you. So defining your ideal Airbnb guest will allow you to create an amazing space that they will really enjoy.

To do this, create a brief biography for this imaginary person, including details such as their name/s, age/s, interests, reasons for traveling, and what they are planning to do in their stay.

Afterward, you can research what Airbnb style would appeal to your ideal Airbnb guest. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and interior designer blogs/websites are great for this. 

What are some things you should keep in mind when looking at Airbnb style?

Make your property memorable

To stand out from the crowd, you should carefully design and furnish your property. Make sure you pay attention to the small details!

Here are some ideas to make your Airbnb property stand out:

  • Create a feature wall/walls in a bolder colour
  • Liven up your property with items such as artwork, quirky shelving, vintage pieces, and wall hangings
  • Mix up the interior with different textures and colours
  • Add natural elements like plants and greenery
  • Find unique display pieces in second-hand stores

If you want more ideas on this, you can check out this previous article for more information on The importance of excellent Airbnb design.

Designing your Airbnb

Once you’ve discovered the style of Airbnb you want to emulate, you can make a look-book of this, and look for stores to buy supplies from. Now it’s time to get started on your DIY journey, or contact an interior designer to turn your inspiration into reality!

Great Airbnb design is the key to great Airbnb photographs

Another reason why you should pay special attention to your Airbnb design is so that you can take the best photos possible of your Airbnb property. Sure, photography tricks can make your property look great. But if your guest shows up at the property and it’s not what they expected, then they aren’t going to be very happy. Plus, they could leave a bad review.

If you have a great Airbnb design, you don’t have to worry about photography trickery but can rely on your Airbnb design (and other elements in your listing) to entice guests to book your property. 


So there you have it, Airbnb design truly matters if you want to stand out from the thousands of other New Zealand Airbnb properties listed and get that ever-so-important booking! There are many ways to make your property stand out, from feature walls to natural elements.

If you haven’t bought your Airbnb furniture yet, or you are considering updating your design and furnishings, then this doesn’t have to be expensive!

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