Tips for managing an Airbnb remotely

After the pandemic, many Airbnb hosts have realised that it is not absolutely necessary or safe in some parts of the world to host Airbnb guests in person. In the same way that employees are able to work from home rather than at the office, Airbnb hosts have also found they’re able to host easily … Continued

Getting landlord permission to host an Airbnb

So you’ve recently been thinking about hosting an Airbnb in your rental property? You’ll need to be careful and understand your landlord’s opinion when it comes to approaching this issue because there are some reasons why your landlord may not be okay with this.

How to Attract Your First Airbnb Guest

Securing your first booking is one of the major steps in Airbnb hosting. Before you are equipped with numerous five-star reviews and recommendations, you will need to make the initial leap to appeal to people based on your listing on its own. Your first few bookings will set the tone for your career as an … Continued