Airbnb Rental Truly is the New Way to Invest in Property

With the recent government changes to the tenancy law and property investing, short-term rental (AKA Airbnb rental) is becoming an ever-more appealing option for investors looking to stay ahead. Let’s examine the benefits of short-term rental management and residential tenancy management to get an idea of the key differences. Short-Term Rental Management Possible Benefits: No … Continued

Preparing your Airbnb Listing for the Trans-Tasman Bubble Opening

Last week, Jacinda Ardern announced that the long-awaited Trans-Tasman Bubble will finally open on April 19th allowing New Zealanders and Australians to travel across the ditch without needing to quarantine. After a year of closed borders and primarily Kiwi guests, the return of Australians to New Zealand is sure to boost the number of Airbnb … Continued

Housing Announcement: What are the Changes?

Last Tuesday, the government announced upcoming changes that will be implemented in the hopes of stabilising the rapid inflation of house prices and encouraging first-home buyers to enter the property market. In addition to the increase to a 40% deposit requirement for property investors made earlier this year, these additional changes are intended to decrease … Continued

Zodiak Founder, Stefan Nikolic, gets his Real Estate License!

Stefan Nikolic, who founded Zodiak Management in 2017, has now obtained his Real Estate license and become qualified as a Real Estate sales consultant under REAA 2008.  Through operating one of Auckland’s most successful Airbnb Management companies, Stefan has an abundance of real estate knowledge particularly in regards to the Auckland CBD property market.  Stefan … Continued

How to Keep Your Airbnb Business Afloat During COVID-19

Let’s face it – COVID-19 has heavily impacted the tourism industry around the world, despite the optimism we all had at the beginning of the pandemic. Time to face the facts and become realists as we need to save our businesses. Here are some tips we have used at Zodiak Management to help prepare for, … Continued

Padlifter Recognises Zodiak Management in their List of the Top 100 Short-Term Rental Blogs

Zodiak Management strives to deliver authentic Airbnb advice to new and experienced New Zealand hosts on our blog every week, helping the hosting community provide better experiences to domestic and international guests. Recently, we’ve been recognised in Padlifter’s list of the top 100 short-term and vacation rental blogs on the internet, a group of those … Continued

Hotel Investments vs Airbnb Hosting

Which Auckland Property Venture is the Best Option? With the short-term accommodation industry performing so well in New Zealand, it’s the optimum time to take advantage of the return that’s on offer. Those looking to invest in property have several options available to them. These mediums of property investment provide a way to potentially see … Continued

Airbnb’s Substantial Positive Impact on New Zealand’s Economy

Airbnb listings have sprung up across the country as property owners tap into New Zealand’s skyrocketing accommodation market. Demand for affordable, niche and easily-accessible lodgings has created a massive opportunity for those ready to host guests through the peer to peer platform. With tourism at all-time highs and predicted to continue growing, it’s clear that … Continued