How to Make Money from a Spare Room on Airbnb in Auckland

Supplementing your income through Airbnb hosting doesn’t mean you have to rent out an entire property. In fact, private rooms are extremely popular amongst travellers for their affordability and the chance to connect with locals on a personal level. Of Auckland’s available accommodation, 41% of the listings on the platform are for private rooms, presenting … Continued

Making Your Short-Term Rental Property Family-Friendly

Of all the demographics to choose to target in Airbnb guests, families aren’t always every hosts go-to first choice. While there is significantly more to think about when appealing to those with children, there is also a substantial amount of positives that come with these bookings. Family travel is a growing sector that Airbnb itself … Continued

What to Consider When Purchasing an Airbnb Investment Property

The role of a New Zealand landlord comes with many responsibilities and at times, stressful situations. Long-term traditional tenancies require a substantial commitment in time and money, with growing obligations in the market and narrowing profit margins. Many Kiwi landlords are exploring their options when it comes to renting out their property. With new systems … Continued

How to Take First-Rate Listing Photos with Your Phone

Capturing appealing shots of your property is a fundamental step in Airbnb hosting. As one of the only opportunities to stand out amongst the competition in search results, it’s vital for your photos to be attractive and encapsulate the experience booking with you offers.  For many, going with a professional photographer is the preferred method … Continued

Avoiding the 3 Major Beginner Airbnb Hosting Mistakes

Starting out as an Airbnb host can be a stressful time. Creating a listing, meeting guests, cleaning between bookings and attempting to get your place booked as often as possible can take up a lot of energy. Between all these responsibilities, you will also be required to maintain high standards of hosting, ensuring you are … Continued

Crafting the Perfect Airbnb Listing Title

An optimised Airbnb listing depends on a few key factors that will greatly influence your booking rates and success as an Airbnb host. Appealing listing photos, a backing of 5-star reviews, dynamic pricing, and an attention-grabbing title will all work together to attract guests. By tackling each of these areas and ensuring they appeal to … Continued

Creating a Safe Home for Airbnb Guests

An important aspect of Airbnb hosting is ensuring that your property is up to home safety standards before guests are occupying it. As a host, it is always sensible to create a safe environment to protect those staying and your own property. By implementing procedures, providing information and installing safety equipment, you will be able … Continued

How to Deal with Demanding Airbnb Guests

As an Airbnb host, you may interact with hundreds of people every year. With a huge variety of personalities, requirements and expectations, it’s fair to say that at some point you will most likely need to engage with difficult or demanding guests. These guests may have extremely specific stipulations, may call for constant attention or … Continued

How to Write a Stellar Airbnb Description

Once you have appealed to your potential guests’ desires with your stunning listing photography and distinctive title, your description is where you seal the deal by selling the exceptional experience your property offers. With space to go into detail about your most appealing aspects, all Airbnb hosts should utilise this area by highlighting what makes … Continued

5 Best Tools for Seamless Airbnb Hosting

Managing an Airbnb or short-term rental property is not always easy. There is a lot of work that goes into securing bookings, keeping guests happy and cleaning it up once the stay has been completed. For this reason, it’s always important to keep looking for ways to streamline processes and improve on how a host … Continued