A Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb Property Investment

How to Become a Successful Airbnb Landlord If you are entrepreneurial at heart and want to make the most out of your investment property, then renting your property on Airbnb has probably crossed your mind already. But how do you get started? Renting your property on short-term rental websites such as Airbnb and Booking.com can … Continued

Is Airbnb Right for Your Investment Goals?

Why Being an Airbnb Landlord Makes Sense Airbnb has taken the accommodation world by storm and now has more listings available than the top 5 hotel chains in the world combined. Guests can book almost anything on Airbnb – from treehouses and tiny homes, to luxury seaside mansions and skyscraper penthouses. Many landlords have made … Continued

Is Airbnb Right for You this Year?

Becoming an Airbnb landlord could be a very wise move for you this year. The worst of COVID restrictions are now behind us, and we have the re-opening of international borders to look forward to this year – finally! Firstly, let’s talk about demand. New Zealand has made headline news around the world with our … Continued

How to Keep Your Airbnb Business Afloat During COVID-19

Let’s face it – COVID-19 has heavily impacted the tourism industry around the world, despite the optimism we all had at the beginning of the pandemic. Time to face the facts and become realists as we need to save our businesses. Here are some tips we have used at Zodiak Management to help prepare for, … Continued

Subletting a Room on Airbnb in New Zealand

There are a few situations in which subletting can be extremely convenient for tenants. Whether you are renting out a home with an unused room, going abroad for a few months or have a flatmate that is moving out, bring in a short-term guest can help you meet costs and even earn extra income. Airbnb … Continued

7 Tips for Renting Out a Room on Airbnb

Renting out a private room on Airbnb is a little different to renting out an entire home. As you will also be living on the property, you’ll most likely be interacting with your guests a lot more and as such, will need to be aware of a few things to ensure the stay goes off … Continued

How to Make Money from a Spare Room on Airbnb in Auckland

Supplementing your income through Airbnb hosting doesn’t mean you have to rent out an entire property. In fact, private rooms are extremely popular amongst travellers for their affordability and the chance to connect with locals on a personal level. Of Auckland’s available accommodation, 41% of the listings on the platform are for private rooms, presenting … Continued

Padlifter Recognises Zodiak Management in their List of the Top 100 Short-Term Rental Blogs

Zodiak Management strives to deliver authentic Airbnb advice to new and experienced New Zealand hosts on our blog every week, helping the hosting community provide better experiences to domestic and international guests. Recently, we’ve been recognised in Padlifter’s list of the top 100 short-term and vacation rental blogs on the internet, a group of those … Continued