Airbnb Advice,

13th September 2021

6 ways to update your Airbnb during lockdown

Ah yes, lockdown has dawned on us again! But instead of binging all the seasons of the latest Netflix show or learning what a ‘meme’ is, why don’t you do something to improve your Airbnb once we get out of lockdown?

Here are 6 ways to update your Airbnb during lockdown (which don’t involve breaking any level 4 rules).

Update your Airbnb title

You only have 50 characters to create the best first impression possible of your Airbnb, so make them count! Grab your guest’s attention and keep your title informative. IGMS suggests using these tips when creating your title. 

  1. Narrow your focus to appeal to your target audience- what suggestive words will speak to the character of your property and your ideal guest?
  2. Use all 50 characters!
  3. Use abbreviations to save characters eg. air conditioning = AC
  4. Replace generic words such as ‘good’ and ‘great’ with more unique words such as ‘luxurious’
  5. Don’t use all capital letters
  6. Highlight your property’s best features
  7. Emphasize the quality of your property
  8. Include a nearby attraction in the title

Have you ticked off all of these tips? If not, now is the perfect time to write a new attention-grabbing title!

Write a charming Airbnb description

GuestReady believes that you should use this structure when writing your Airbnb description

  1. Introduce your property and all its selling points
  2. Describe the key features of every room, including technology, design elements, and art
  3. Don’t forget to describe your outdoor space!
  4. Then finish your listing by including a mention of the location and its key features

Every word of your Airbnb description should work to create a beautiful atmosphere and capture a sense of imagination in your guests. So ask yourself: have I covered all these key points in my Airbnb description? If the answer is no, then a rewrite may be in order.

Add your Airbnb profile to all relevant Airbnb sites

Ask yourself, have you got your Airbnb listed on all the possible Airbnb sites in your area? This will improve your chances of bookings.

Here is the checklist of Airbnb websites you should be on:


Plan some changes

You can use some of this additional time (that you would usually spend socialising with friends) in lockdown to plan anything you think could improve your Airbnb. Think about the usability, convenience, layout, and design of your Airbnb. And also, think about whether or not your Airbnb photos on your listing can be improved. Or if your Airbnb listing needs additional photos, keep in mind you should include around 20-30 photos in your listing.

Lockdown is a great time to think, plan any improvements you want/need to make, and do a bit of online shopping (or at least search around online while you wait until shops are open).

Set up an Instagram/Facebook page to market your business

Take this extra time to set up an Instagram or Facebook page to market your Airbnb property! Gather your listing photos (and any additional photos of your Airbnb) and write some attention-grabbing captions (and use hashtags) to promote your Airbnb as a 5-star getaway!

Make sure to include your location and Airbnb listing in your Instagram bio and point people in that direction if they are interested in booking your place for their holiday destination.

You could even use a social media scheduling platform to plan and schedule your Instagram/Facebook feed. Examples of these platforms include: Later, Unum, and Hootsuite.

Upskill in marketing/social media

Lockdown provides plenty of time to upskill on marketing knowledge to sell your Airbnb to potential guests. There are plenty of blogs, resources, and YouTube videos online that will take you through the basics (and more complicated practices) involved in the marketing/ social media side of your business. Neil Patel is your one-stop shop when it comes to all things marketing.


In conclusion, there are so many useful things you could be doing during lockdown to make your property stand out from the crowd and increase bookings once lockdown is over including: improving your listing title and description, making sure your listing is on all relevant Airbnb platforms, planning improvements for your space, setting up an Airbnb Instagram/Facebook page, and upskilling in marketing.

And if you would rather not manage your Airbnb property yourself, make sure you get in touch with Zodiak Management!