Airbnb Advice,

13th December 2021

5 Common Airbnb host mistakes

Many expectations come with being an Airbnb host, and some of these are no-brainers. However, you may not think about some of these common mistakes until they strike!

The best thing is to be informed about these common mistakes that you could make as an Airbnb host, so you don’t get caught out.

So, what are some of the most common Airbnb mistakes a host could make?

Having an unprofessional listing

As Hosty says, the most disastrous Airbnb mistake you could make is having an unprofessional listing. Your listing is your property’s first impression, and if you haven’t completed this well, then no one will want to book your property for their vacation.

Some common mistakes to look out for are:

  • Having an incomplete listing
  • Having a terrible cover photo
  • Using a bad title
  • Writing a sub-par Airbnb listing
  • Using less-than-ideal Airbnb photos

So, if you focus on these elements, then your Airbnb property will be much more desirable to potential guests.

Taking bad Airbnb photos

Guestready emphasizes the importance of taking good photos for your Airbnb listing rather than relying on a few quick snaps on your cell phone. This is because unprofessional setups, terrible lighting, and bad angles won’t help you ‘sell’ your listing to potential guests.

The least you can do with your Airbnb photos is use a professional camera, take photos with good lighting (evening lighting is nice), and set up your property how you would imagine your dream vacation rental should look. for the snaps.

Running out of supplies

As Learnbnb says, running out of toilet paper is every guest’s worst nightmare. So make sure you are thoroughly stocked with enough toilet paper, paper towels, towels, detergent, and rubbish bin liners.

Not communicating properly with your guests

One of the biggest Airbnb hosting sins you could possibly commit is not communicating well with your guests.

When responding to a potential guest’s queries, you should aim to respond within 24 hours. Otherwise, Airbnb will typically punish you for taking longer than a day to respond.

Another important aspect of messaging is using the correct tone and answering the potential guest’s messages comprehensively.

Not having proper insurance

It may seem obvious, but having insurance for your Airbnb property is essential.

Sure, Airbnb does have some protections against your property and loss of income, but these don’t cover all your bases, as Principles of Increase says. 

So, this company recommends talking to an insurance broker to cover you in case of an emergency.


So there you have it, some very common Airbnb hosting mistakes that you should aim to avoid. 

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