PLEASE NOTE: We are not offering this cover any more until future notice (as of 1st of April 2021).

We’re so confident in our ability to protect your apartment that we’ll pay for any guest damages that we fail to charge the guest for ourselves. We care that your apartment is kept in excellent condition just as much as you do, so that’s why we’re committing ourselves to making sure that this happens.

You trust us with managing your apartment so we’re going all the way!

The way it works:

  • No excess.
  • The offer lasts for the full first year of management.
  • Covers any damage caused by guests to the apartment contents during their stay that Zodiak Management cannot claim back from the guests for up to a maximum of $3,000 for the year that the offer is in place.
  • This is not an insurance policy – Zodiak Management only covers damage to the contents of the apartment caused by guests during their stay in your apartment that is picked up during the apartment inspection, and that was actually caused by the guest staying in the apartment.
  • The cover will automatically pay for any damages to the contents of the apartment that Zodiak Management cannot recoup the cost for from the guests. You do not need to make a claim yourself.

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