The Top 10 Airbnb Experiences in New Zealand: From Wine Tasting to Hiking

In New Zealand, you’ll find some of the most distinctive and fascinating Airbnb experiences, a country in its own right. Whether you’re a resident looking for new experiences or arranging a vacation to the country for the first time, you should enjoy some lovely Airbnb activities. These are the top 10 experiences to think about: … Continued

Top Performing Airbnbs in Auckland

Analysis of our Top 30 Short-Term Rental Properties Have you ever wondered if your property will perform well as an Airbnb? At Zodiak, we manage a variety of different properties for a variety of different clients. Some owners use our service because they want income while still being able to use their property themselves at … Continued

Demand for Short-Term Rentals Returns

Pre and Post-Covid Demand Has demand returned for short-term rental accommodation, or are we still waiting for tourists to return to our shores after the Covid drought? According to Tourism New Zealand statistics, just over 528,000 international visitors came to New Zealand in December 2019, just a couple of months before our first lockdown. In … Continued

Double Your Yield with Short-Term Rental

The difference in rental yields between Airbnb rentals and traditional tenancies Property investors are being hit with increased expenses due to rising interest rates and the loss of interest deductibility this year. Focusing on growing rental returns will be paramount, so more investors turn to the short-term rental over traditional tenancies.  For the correct properties, … Continued

6 Best Neighborhoods in Auckland for Airbnb Rentals

As the entry point for many tourists travelling to New Zealand, Auckland is a fantastic area to host an Airbnb Rental. However, not all Auckland districts are made equal. While certain areas are more in demand than others, some provide more distinctive experiences. In this article, we’ll go deeper into Auckland’s top neighborhoods for Airbnb … Continued

6 Tips on how to efficiently advertise and market your short-term rental properties in Auckland.

In Auckland, many different techniques are available to sell and promote short-term rental properties. Reaching a large audience of potential tenants and sparking interest in your properties are within reach with the appropriate strategy and a little imagination. Here are some pointers to get you going: 1. Describe the unique characteristics of your property: With … Continued