How to Prevent Parties in your Airbnb

One of the biggest fears any Airbnb host would have when renting out their property is the thought of their Airbnb being damaged or their neighbours being disturbed due to a house party. Just recently, Airbnb had announced a global ban on parties and have restricted the ability for people under 25 to make reservations … Continued

How to Prevent Burn-out as an Airbnb Host

Starting out as an Airbnb host can be an exhilarating time as you prepare your Airbnb, anticipate your first guests, and begin gaining reviews. However, after a while, it may begin to feel repetitive and just a little mundane the more reservations you host. The thrill of meeting new guests might wear away, which can … Continued

How to Turn Your House into a Rental Property Paradise

Renting out your home to guests is an awesome way to meet new people, host travelers from all over the world, and boost your income. Whether you want to rent out your entire house or just a single room, this venture can be a great way to bring in some extra cash. You don’t need … Continued

Encourage More Travelers to Your Urban Airbnb

Airbnb recently released data that shows that rural listings were experiencing higher bookings than at this point last year. They attributed this to a redistribution of popular holiday spots and domestic travellers exploring new regions in their own backyards. While this is a good sign for short-term rentals, it does raise the question of how … Continued

How to Give Guests More Certainty When Booking

Following the recent Auckland lockdown, there appears to be an increase of wariness from Airbnb guests when planning new trips. Many guests want to double check refund policies with hosts in case they are unable to travel while others leave booking accommodation to the last minute to avoid needing to cancel. With this, it is … Continued

Personalising Online Hosting – 5 Easy Tips!

As more and more Airbnb guests opt towards Self-Check-ins when possible due to safety and convenience, Airbnb hosts are finding themselves having to think of new ways to personalise guest stays.   Personalising a guest’s stay is super important for helping guests to feel more welcome and not just like strangers staying in your property. … Continued

Why you Should Consider an Airbnb Rental Agreement

All Airbnb hosts like to believe that each guest staying will be respectful and look after their property well. And while this is true in most cases, unfortunately there can be those rare guests that break your Airbnb’s house rules. Some Airbnb guests may claim that they never saw the rules on your listing. Others … Continued

How to Help Your Airbnb Guests Help Themselves

While Airbnb hosts used to easily be able to help their guests in person if a problem arose during their stay, nowadays it’s increasingly important for guests to have all the necessary information and instructions in case they need to solve an issue on their own. Even though you can still always ask guests to … Continued

How to Set-up your Airbnb for Pets

If you are an Airbnb host during the time of Covid-19, you will know it has never been more essential to make sure your listing appeals to as many different types of guests as possible. One such type of guests that you may have not considered before are pets! While many Airbnb hosts might be … Continued

3 Hosting Tips for Surviving Lockdowns

All Airbnb hosts can agree that lockdowns due to Covid-19 are a particularly challenging time for the industry. This is due to mass cancellations from guests no longer able to travel as well as hosts unable to continue listing their space due to local regulations. While Airbnb hosts in New Zealand started to see a … Continued